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                                           Jiangmen Angel Hardware & Electrical 

                                               Appliances Co., Ltd.

Jiangmen Angel Group   Jiangmen Angel Keling Water Treatment

                                               Equipment Co.,Ltd.

                                               Jiangmen Packing Equipment Co., Ltd.


Address: The No.1 water exhibition hall in China; Lubian Industrial Zone, Chaolian Town, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, China

Post code:529090

Contacted persons: Xianzhao Lin / Mr.Lin

TEL: 0086-750-3720337 / 0086-750-3726129 / 0086-750-3726196

Fax: 0086-750-3720273

Mob: 0086-750-13005887270 / 0086-750-13664949385

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Postcode: 529090 Tel :086-0750-3720337, 3726129 Fax :086-0750-3720273, 3726129
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