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JMB-150B semi-automatic heat shrinking packing machine
JMB-150B semi-automatic heat shrinking packing machine is a new type of packing machine which developed in our company group both at home and abroad. It can set the membrane automatically for the PET bottle as well as the other objects, then heating and shrinking, at last cooling and setting the finished product. After packing ,the product should be tied firmly, regular appearance, beautiful, and convinient to start. Therefore, it is widely used in the food, medicine, chemical and other light industrial product.
Technical Parameters:
  Working voltage: three-phase five –line 380V/50Hz
  Maximum power consumption: 18KW
Working pressure: 0.6Mpa
Packing efficiency: 0-15bag/M
Packig material: PE
The width of the packing film: ≤600mm
The thickness of the packing film: 0.03~0.15mm
The outer size of the equipment: L5050×W920×H1800
The maximum packing size: L600×W400×H350
Sealing temperature: 180°- 220°(adjustable)
Shrinking temperature: 180°- 250°(adjustable)
The total weight of the equipment: 800kg
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