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JYT-2000B automatic sachet liquid filling machine
Ⅰ、Main functions
    The machine can pack kinds of non-carbon liquid material widely, especially source, vinegar,syrup,beverage, confect beverage(also the colded beverage makes ice bag), soy milk, milk, miniral water, greese bean curd and liquid sack. 
Ⅱ、Technics parameters
3.1. Yield capacity:1500~1800B/H
3.2. Packing volumn:100~500ml/B
3.3. Filling precision:±1%
3.4. Film width:240mm or 320mm(optional or choose others)
Power:Moter:singel phrase、three phrases 1.1KW
      Vertical hot seal: 0.3KW;Horizonal hot seal:  0.5KW
      UV sterilizer lamp15KW
3.5. Power supply:AC220V/Hz or AC380V(three phrases)
3.6. The weight of the machine:360kg
3.7. Dimension(L×W×H):750*700*1700mm
1、sack molding                 2、UV sterilize               3、Vertical cutting hot seal
4、Date composed                 5、beeline tows sack            6、ration filling
7、Horizonal cutting hot seal       8、Cutting sack          9、count automatically
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