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900B/H 5Gallons Production Line
The 900B/H 5 Gallon filling production line consists of Decapping, External Washing, Internal Washing, Bottle-Feeding,Desinfection, Rinsing/Filling(Cap-Washing/Feeding), Sealing etc, which is the most advanced production line for 5 gallons bottled water.
The whole process is controled by advanced programmable logic controller(PLC)with high automation. The filling machine is also equipped with Touch Screen, can monitor implementation, operation online at random and man-machine integration, a higher automation level, more easiluy and intuitively to control, more explicitly to the controlling process.
The production line’s equipment itself, as well as its connection with the conveyor belts, which photoelectric sensors with variety of functions are installed on it, using to detect and monitor the operation of the equipment, to make equipment run more stable, reliable, and more smooth coordination.
Mobile nozzle-type is adopted when washing bottles, it will be more comprehensive and complete to washing and disinfecting. Novel cylinder inlet is adopted in filling, so it is more faster and stable.
In order to make the performance of cap-aligning more fluid, stable and safe, Automatic Washing, Feeding, Entering by wind is used in Cap aligning, which is better to prevent secondary pollution, Meanwhile chain plate is used in Cap-pressing, it will be more accurate and close.
Therefore, our 900H/H 5 Gallon automatic filling production line, is the first choice for large-scale water plants.
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