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XG-100/J(300B/H) luxurious type
Both the components and metallic material of this kind of machine were produced in the well-known factories at home and abroad. It has the same advantages as the American originally fixed machines: advanced technology, high automatic level, convenient operation , reliable functions. And compared to the similar products at home. It has advantages of small column, light weight, artistic and tasteful appearance, effective resisting corrosiveness, thorough sterilizing, preventing the air pollution effectively and ensuring the high quality of the product. It is suitable for producing water of big bottles of 5 gallons or 3 gallons. It is widely used in the field of food and drink, medicine and chemical industry and popular to the factories.
The whole process of XG-100/J from empty bottle entering to bottle washing with sterilizing liquid medicine, bottle washing with clean water, bottle washing with purified water, bottle falling down on the bottle-pushing shelf in place, bottle pushing with the bottle mouth, purified water filling, cap unscramble, cap pressing, to bottle coming out, is controlled by the PLC Procedure with accurate automatic location ,Less labor power and low intensity of labor ,The equipment is made from the import stainless steel of high strength ,welded with organ and flourine precisely. It is less deformed with artistic reins of welding. Each turning particles is in the structure of stainless steel, which pledges that the machine can work normally under any condition. The non-metal particles are made form non-toxic and wear-resisting materials such as PP plastic, processing meticulously. The main engine and the pump of increasing pressure are mostly made from the internal export series of stainless steel product. The electric particles are made from exported particles or the series of internal famous brands meticulously. with more stable and reliable functions .
Main technical parameters of the device:
Production capacity
300 Buckets/hour
Bottle’s capacity
18.9 Liters (5 gallons)
11.3 Liters (3 gallons)
Bottle’s specification (mm)
Cap’s specification (mm)
Φ58×40 (strip:L18mm,W:7.5mm)
Rated input power
Electromotor power
Washing convey motor
Bottle Elevator convey motor
Disinfectant washing pump
Tap water washing pump
Pure washing pump
Filling pump
Cap-aligning pump
Power supply
AC 380V±5%  50Hz
Rated current
Net weight
Outer size
47800×980×1600 (mm)
Requirement of air compressor
0.1 M3     0.17 M3/Min   0.8 MPa/Cm2
Requirement of water supply
6.0 M3/H
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