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Mixed bed is a deeper desalination equipment,which is used to make hyperpure water,and the contributing water resistivity is 10-18MΩ.CM ,and the content of silicon dioxide (SIO2),<0.02mg/L.Mixed bed is divided into single bed and double bed and polishing bed ;double bed includes in-use one and spare one,which can be in parallel connection and series connection .In mixed bed ,cation and anion are evenly mixed,ion exchang reaction is almost conducted simultaneously,which is equal to multiple level double bed series connection.However,there is a strict requirement to the quality of feeding water in mixed bed .And reverse osmosis or double bed shall be used as pretreatment device.
Style No.: RO-1000/J(1000L/H) RO water purification system+double Mixed Beds for desalinization
Water producing capacity:1000L/H
Quality of product water: 10-18MΩ
Power supply: AC380V 50Hz
General power: 4.5KW
Booster pump: CHL4-40
Stainless steel pre-filter: ¢500×H1800    (Two)
Stainless steel precision filter:  20’’ × 5   (One)
1st RO membrane module: Hydranautics ESPA-4040    (Four)
2nd RO membrane module: Hydranautics ESPA-4040    (Three)
1st High pressure pump: CDL2-180     (One)
2nd High pressure pump: CDL2-150     (One)
1st pure water middle tank: 1m3
Quartz sand: 350kg
Active carbon: 100kg
Pipeline: PVC-U
Function: The system has auto and manual modes
Auto mode: RO membrane auto wash, operation, and backwash, softener regeneration.
Auto stop at high pure water level
Auto operation at low pure water level
Auto stop at the state of shortage of solution in the disinfect tank
All kinds of protect: creepage, short circuit, shortage of water in High pressure pump protect and so on.
Outsize dimension: 2300×500×1650mm
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